I Need a Distraction

With all news in the world right now, I find myself glued to my phone more than ever before. On top of my usual mindless scrolling, I’m actively seeking information for updates on the pandemic.

Spoiler alert: The news doesn’t change no matter how much I refresh my Twitter feed. And yet I close the app, open another app, and then go back to the previous app. I need a distraction.


Distractions are harder to find these days. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m fortunate to work from home. On one hand, work is an excellent activity to focus on that doesn’t remind me of the apocalypse, but on the other hand I find myself working longer hours than ever. This isn’t because my manager demands more of me during our unique work arrangement. Rather, it’s because I can’t find the perfect stopping point.

I’ve sadly got nothing better to do anyway, so why not knock out more work? To answer my own question, it can lead to burnout. This brings me back to my original point: I need a distraction.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is my favorite distraction and I love to talk about it. It’s the one activity that I’m 100% unplugged from the world and present. But jiu-jitsu is cancelled indefinitely and I’m left without my main source of exercise which is a no-go for both my mental health and my immune system.


To fill the void, I’ve focused on daily walks in this gorgeous and less than gorgeous Pittsburgh spring weather. The Allegheny Cemetery sounds spooky, but it’s quite a beautiful walking trail in the sunshine (it’s closed at night and possibly haunted). As a bonus, it’s a Pokémon Go hot spot if you’re still a dedicated Pokémon trainer in 2020.

Walking is an evergreen exercise that everyone should do and it’s a great distraction (this is a reminder to take a walk today if you haven’t), but I need a workout.

Gyms are closed, but home gyms are open and your body is the ultimate weight! I have a pull-up bar and push-up grips, but the most important part of any workout is form. I highly recommend these two videos by Calisthenicmovement on Youtube:

Most importantly, I recommend Dua Lipa’s “Physical” workout video.

I’ll leave it to you to design your own routine. My routine involves certain bodyweight exercises and Ring Fit Adventure. I recently hit level 100 on my adventure and I am absolutely addicted to this game. The story is corny and the gameplay outside of the exercises is basic, but it’s the most satisfying RPG I’ve ever played—I’m grinding for myself. If you can snag a copy at your local Target, you should do it! The prices on Amazon are ridiculous right now, so good luck with finding a reasonably priced copy online.

Exercise is wonderful, but you can only do so much before your body decides it’s done for the day. What else can you do? That’s right—find a distraction.


We live in a time that we can summon nearly an infinite amount of media to consume at a moment’s notice. The following cloud-based services are keeping me healthily distracted and sane:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • YouTube
  • Kindle
  • Spotify

What does your distraction technology stack look like? I’m sure most folks subscribe to a similar bundle, but I would love to know what other great apps are out there.

This is how my life has been in a nutshell for the past couple months. I’ve strangely gotten used to my new routine and I’m not sure how to feel about that. It’s a never ending chain of distractions, but now I’m wondering if that’s how I would describe my life all along?

At the very least, I hope my ramblings were able to distract someone for a little while.

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