My name is Ace. Yes, it’s my real name. That’s me busting a move in the picture up there.

You found my personal blog. This blog serves as a creative outlet for my writing as well as an archive of every blog post I’ve ever written.1 This blog isn’t about anything specific; I usually just write what’s on my mind. Some of my favorite topics to write about are rhetoric, life, and digital technology. Want to see some of my past work in writing and web development? Check out my portfolio.

If you have any suggestions, requests, or if you want to discuss a freelance project, feel free to contact me. Now, kick your shoes off, tilt your chair back, and make yourself comfortable. This is a place of cathartic release. Not only will it be therapeutic, but you may learn something along the way. Or not.

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1 Except for my old Myspace blog posts. We don’t talk about those. ^