Sunday Funday

“I wish it was Sunday, ‘cause that’s my fun day…”

I couldn’t agree with The Bangles more.

I love my Sundays. I’m a man. It’s football season. Now pay attention.

Man + Sunday = Football

Based on the equation above, I am unable to enjoy my Sunday without watching an NFL game.

If I were an animal at the zoo, my sign would say that I am prone to being irritable, distressed, and unfit to function normally if I am not able to watch a game. If you pay attention to the fine print, it says, “Warning! These behaviors could worsen drastically if the Ace misses a Colts game.”

But wait!

If you read the really fine print, you’ll find that I am unfit to function normally when I am watching a game, and I can be prone to being irritable and distressed based on who is winning or losing.

Okay, I admit it: I’m useless on Sundays. I am completely content with watching football all day, regardless of who’s playing.

For those out there who don’t watch/understand/like the sport, I can relate. I never watched football until four or so years ago. I became a fan because my new step dad was a fan. It was that simple.

Some may describe the sport as a bunch of gorillas hitting each other. They’re only partly right. There is so much strategy that goes into each and every play that I can’t completely explain it. Off the field, the politics of football could qualify as a soap opera (Brett Favre, anyone?). Whether it’s game day or not, you can count on me watching ESPN or regularly checking online for NFL updates.

There is a reason why football is America’s new pastime. If you don’t understand, you’re going to have to watch it to find out.


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