Write to Smash: Wolf


I hope this letter finds you well. It has been a while since you wreaked havoc on the Lylat System. I’m sure you’ve been busy doing odd jobs as a space pirate in a far corner of the galaxy, but we’ve got to talk Smash.

Things have changed for the better since Brawl. We’re no longer tripping randomly, online games are not as laggy as they used to be, and there are many new (and old) faces. We have so many new and exciting changes to Smash, but there is one fatal flaw: our favorite anthropomorphic wolf is nowhere to be seen. I can’t let you do that, Star Wolf.

Wolf HQ by howlzapper

The last time I saw you, you were fighting on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl roster. I didn’t follow the online Smash community back then—every new character surprised me. I remember when the “Challenger Approaching” screen flashed and you stood before me. The leader of team Star Wolf, one of the most notorious mercenaries in the Lylat System, wanted to pick a fight with me. I had no choice but to accept, not only for Corneria, but for Lylat. Hype was an understatement.

After a long and stressful battle, I managed to snatch victory from your wicked claws. Like the mercenary you are, you joined my team because you knew that Smash was money. And after I played a few rounds with you, I quickly learned that you were money too.

My first impression of you was “Fox clone,” but your mechanics are more balanced than your glass-cannon Star Fox counterparts. Sure, you aren’t as quick and your recovery moves aren’t as graceful, but you make up for it in strength and agility. Your play style is one that I never knew I wanted, and thanks to your absence in the latest Smash, it’s one I miss immensely. I’m a big fan of your aggressive style that can stun opponents in a flurry of lasers and claws.

When we work together, our strategy is simple: hit hard and hit fast. In close range, your smash attacks have an unusually far reach and deal a fair amount of damage. Against conservative opponents, you can use neutral-B lasers to apply pressure until they move. Some may consider it spam, but we consider it strategic. We might even draw the opponent into a position to use side-B to spike them into oblivion.

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Do you remember when we first met? I was co-piloting an Arwing with Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team. General Pepper of Corneria hired Star Fox to stop the evil Andross from taking over the Lylat System. Unfortunately, it was your team, Star Wolf, that Andross hired in order to further his cause.

In some ways, I don’t blame you. You’re a mercenary and money is your native tongue. But at the very least, you could have considered the consequences of helping a power-hungry monkey. But maybe it was never about the money. Maybe you accepted the job because you knew Fox would fight for the other side. Maybe your rivalry was your main priority and the fate of Lylat was someone else’s problem.

I know that feeling. It’s the same sense of competition I feel in Smash (although I wouldn’t risk my galaxy for it). It doesn’t matter who my opponent is as long as they’re formidable. It’s more fun to win and lose close fights than it is to dominate someone (or get dominated). This is where we share common ground: we thrive in competition. We learn more from a loss than a win. We know someone is always better than us and it’s exciting when we find that person.

Whether you’re on my side or not, you need to make your way to Smash 4. Cloud from Final Fantasy VII was announced at Nintendo Direct—he’s not even a Nintendo character! I’m not sure what you did to upset Masahiro Sakurai because there’s no obvious reason why you were cut. Did Andross put you up to a scheme to take over the Smash universe? Did you simply get bored with the competition? I don’t mean to interrogate you, but I need answers.

Perhaps you’re not the one I should question. For all I know, you’re dying to smash as much as the rest of us. After all, Mewtwo, Lucas, and Roy were rejects, but they eventually showed up to the party. Each one of them are “clones” of existing smashers. Why not Wolf? Is Mr. Sakurai afraid that you’ll be so popular that players will abandon the rest of the roster? Or maybe you’re his DLC money for a rainy day.

Whatever the reason, I have one statement to the higher powers in charge of your fate: #FreeWolf.

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